B+M tranformer drying technology GmbH deals with the drying and treatment of high voltage components, mainly with the following technologies:


Vapour Phase Plants

Current Heating Plants


Conventional Drying

Oil Purification Equipment

Vapour Phase Drying is classified as most effective industrial drying process for power transformers and tap load changers that, at the same time, affects the material least. Moisture is removed from the insulating system under vacuum… read more!  The energy input for the transformer drying can be done with current heating systems, the most efficient plants for heating up windings: With outstanding degree of efficiency, the heat energy is transferred…read more!  For power and distribution transformers, also the conventional vacuum-hot air drying plants are available. In certain applications, conventional drying plants are the most efficient solution…
read more!
 Performance and lifetime of components exposed to high voltage strongly depend on the state of the insulating oil. Our oil treatment plants are designed for smooth treatment of the oil and reliably remove elements with negative impact on…read more!


The company B+M transformer drying technology GmbH comprises long-term experience in the design and construction of individual machinery in the field of transformer drying and -treatment. Our aim is to find the most suitable technology for and with you, our customer, and to design and build the suitable plant. Doing so, customer orientation and strong, reliable service are of utmost priority for us.